FUTUREFY. is a promotion network, music blog and record label.

We are music lovers and promoters to help artists of any size of recognition in the scene to become
bigger and get more reach and audience, based on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Our network is specialized in the following genres ONLY:
All kind of house: Tropical House, Deep House, Melodic House, Vocal House, Funky & Leftfield &
Jackin House, Tech House, Progressive House and also Future Genres such as Future House, Future
Bass, Future Pop, Chill Bass, Chill Trap.

Our Philosophy:
What really matters in a promotion network is a solid balance between ENGAGEMENT by REAL followers
and the size of a network in followers.
It is NOT the most important how many followers a network in number has. It is more important to
reach an audience that is interested in specific music genres and also in the uploads of the
network they trust. We handle every submission with care and look for good music no matter if new
talent or established artist.

Why work with us ?
We have different possibilities to promote your music no matter if it is Soundcloud, Youtube,
Spotify or even a release on our own label(s).
We have an audience for previous mentioned genres and we only deliver this kind of music to our
listeners. Therefore both, listener and artist can be sure to meet same interests of music taste.
We are interested in your goals and aims. We can make special campaigns of any size to your wishes
and needs of exposure and reach. Campaigns can reach from 3 days to 4 weeks.

Our network consists of own direct channels and also of partners worldwide so we can reach up to 1M
quality followers in Soundcloud, up to 50k in Youtube and Spotify.

For any special campaigns or questions do not hesitate contacting us through our contact form.

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